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A name, a family

La Maison ZEYSSOLFF has created a “Wine Space” in Gertwiller, the village know for its production of gingerbread, Gewurztraminer, and land of the Klevener de Heiligenstein; in the Piemont des Vosges Alsaciennes. 

This was a considerable challenge for Céline and Yvan ZEYSSOLFF, winemakers of fifteen years, who were spurred on by their love of Alsacian wines.

Eager to transmit their passion for wine, Céline et Yvan ZEYSSOLFF chose to create a cultural and entertaining space in the family’s original wine cellar. This space brings to life objects of the past via a contemporary decor, uniting scenography, tasting, shop and bar. 

As soon as you enter the vaulted cellar, there is a presentation about La Maison ZEYSSOLFF, winemakers of many generations since 1778. You are taken back in time through the family tree (dating back to the 14th century), furniture and familial objects…

The Culture of wine

Have you ever thought of discovering the culture of wine through its cellars? During your tour, you will learn the secrets of wine production, while discovering the natural spaces where the wines of La Maison ZEYSSOLFF are cultivated. This will be followed by a tasting.

Dining bar and tea room

Allow yourselves to be taken on a journey through time in our “wine bar” area, where you can find our entire wine range, accompanied by food boards of cheese, charcuterie, and soups…(open on weekends during the day). Teas, hot chocolate and cakes feature permanently on the menu.


You want to spend a unique and magical moment at the same time: let yourself be transported out of time in our new tasting room -100% immersive catering. Lounge music and images projected on the wall will transport you for a meal in OUR universe, or intermingle wine and tourism…

Wine space

Allow your senses to travel throughout the world of wines from Alsace

  • A soft and natural music will take you on a journey through the world of nature.
  • Video screenings will teleport you to the Alsacian winemaking world.
  • While visiting the wine cellar, discover our family history.
  • Then, enliven your taste buds by tasting the wines of La Maison ZEYSSOLFF.

Céline et Yvan ZEYSSOLFF, guardians of a rich history and heritage, decided to create a place of sharing where those passionate about wines or those less so can leave feeling enriched not only culturally but also emotionally.


Monday – Tuesday – Thursday – Friday : from 10 am till 12 pm and from 2 pm till 6:00 pm

Saturday from 10am till 6:00pm 

Closed on Wednesday and Sunday

Open 7 days a week from March 16th

Shopping area

In addition to the wines of La Maison ZEYSSOLFF, you can also find a wide selection of fine groceries and local products, with which you can create gourmet baskets, a house specialty!

    The Maison Zeyssolff’s partners

    In our shop in Gertwiller, you will find a wide choice of delicatessen and local products.

    Eaux de vie, spiritueux et whisky HEPP ; Eaux de vie, spiritueux et whisky LEHMANN; liqueurs S’AMER ; terrines, pâtés fins et foies gras ARTZNER ; terrines et pâtés fins NEMROD; confitures LES CONFITURES DE NICOLE ; chocolats DOLFIN ; thés et infusions DAMMANN ; thés et infusions JARDINS DE GAIA ; thés et infusions COMPTOIR DES THES ; GRIOTTINES ; jus de fruits ALAIN MILLIAT ; sirops, sels, aromates, huiles, vinaigres, tapenades… SAVOR ET CREATION ;  chocolats COMPTOIR DE MATHILDE ; chocolats MONBANA ; miels PALAIS DES ABEILLES ; MAISON ALSACIENNE DE BISCUITERIE ; moutardes DOMAINE DES TERRES ROUGES ; bières PERLE ; bières BIERES DU RIED ; bougies et fragrances DURANCE…